WATER SOFTENER PRICE: Comparison of Different Water Softener Price and Useful Tips for Buying a Water Softener

WATER SOFTENER PRICE: Comparison of Different Water Softener Price and Useful Tips for Buying a Water Softener

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It is very important to conduct a detailed research on water softeners before you step into the market to buy one. This research should include getting an understanding of the different water softeners, their working and water softener price. Here is a helpful little guide about the water softener price of different softeners in the market, along with some useful tips for buying a water softener.

Insight into the Water Softener Price of the Different Softeners in the Market

There are several types of water softeners in the market. Some employ different salts and chemical to soften water, while others make use of advanced technology to clean water of all the impurities. Water softener price of each softener is different and depends on the mechanism it uses for softening water.

If you want a cheap water softener, then you can easily find one in around 300 Euros. The water softener price of ion exchange water softener isn’t too high and ranges between 270 Euros to 900 Euros. These softeners exchange the calcium and magnesium ions with sodium or potassium ions, depending on the salt they are using.

However, if you want a more efficient and environmentally friendly water softener, then you should opt for electronic or magnetic water softeners. They soften water by using electric and magnetic fields, respectively. The water softener price of these softeners is more than the ion exchange water softener.

These water softeners will cost you around 900 Euros if you buy a softener created by a new and less experienced company. However, if you want electric and magnetic water softeners manufactured by well established companies, then you should be willing to spend around 1400 Euros.

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Tips for Buying a Good Quality Water Softener

Buying a good quality water softener from amongst so many in the market can become quite confusing. Here are some tips that will help you in this task.

  • Buy a Dual Tank Water Softener if You Have a Big Family: Water softeners regenerate after some time, and during this time, it doesn’t soften water. If, you have a big family, one water softener won’t be enough for you. Hence, it will be a wise idea to invest in a dual tank water softener. This type of softener consists of two tanks, so when one is regenerating, the other is providing you with soft water. The water softener price of a dual tank water softener will be slightly more than a single tank one.
  • Buying a Water Softener with DIR Controls: Water softeners with DIR (Demand Initiated Regeneration) controls automatically senses when the softener needs to be recharged, saving on time and salt. Moreover, it only recharges when necessary.

Checking the Hardness of Your House’s Water

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It is essential that you measure the hardness of your home’s water before buying a water softener. There are lots of kits available in the market that help you measure your house’s water hardness easily. These kits consist of either strips or tablets that change their color according to the hardness of the water.

You can match the color with the guide available with the kit and know the exact hardness of your house’s water, and then purchase a water softener accordingly.

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